What a 100% natural ingredient means to us

You’ve heard the saying, “You’re only as good as your word.” Unfortunately, the word “natural” has lost all credibility.

Companies have promoted their genetically modified ingredients as “natural”. Conventional crops, doused with harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides are considered “natural”. Packaged foods that contain the chemical MSG – a neurotoxin – can be labeled as “natural”.

There’s no guarantee that buying a natural product equals buying a safe product. Unlike the definition of “organic,” federal regulators offer no uniformity for how the word “natural” is to be used and defined when advertising to consumers.

We feel full disclosure is important in establishing trust with people, so we have very clearly defined what natural means to us and each one of our ingredients, without exception.

  1. The nutrients must originate in nature (a living organism or part of one).
  2. The nutrient must never be man-made, thus it cannot be genetically manipulated or modified.
  3. Prior to extraction, all ingredients are tested for impurities in parts-per-billion. Keep in mind, the industry standard is only in parts-per-million.
  4. The nutrient extracted must be 100% pure, containing no traces of any chemical or naturally occurring environmental toxins.
  5. The nutrients must not have been modified or altered chemically (synthesis) or physically (high temperature, etc.) during the entire extraction process.
  6. The nutrient or enzyme must be intact, fully functional, and potent after extraction.

We invite you to take a look at the ingredients list for our Supreme Botanical Toner and 24K All in One Body Lotion. We are proud to not only divulge the ingredients, but also the individual source for each ingredient.