Slim Factor

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The Treatment You Wear

Size: Comes in small, medium, and large. The Slim Factor pants last on average five to seven years.

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Losing weight could not be easier. Simply apply our Anti-Cellulite Cream to areas of your body where fat has accumulated, pull up the Slim Factor pants (featuring nanotechnology) covering the affected areas of your middle region, and go about your day.
Whether you’re walking, exercising, or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, the infrared pants never stop working. When you’re done with your activities, simply remove the pants and reapply the Anti-Cellulite Cream. That’s it!

So How Does It Work?
Nano bio-ceramic technology imbedded in the fabric reflects your body’s own infrared rays, generating significant heat (like an infrared sauna) which increases blood circulation. This heat activates the botanical ingredients in the Anti-Cellulite Cream. Together, the pants and cream target and eliminate heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and cellulite. Not only do you burn fat, but you also experience a complete detoxification. Lose weight and feel great! Yes, sometimes life is that easy!


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