True Beauty Begins with Healthy Cells

Our skin is the largest bodily organ, comprised of hundreds of millions of cells and is vital to our survival. Skin is the first line of defense against environmental toxins, free radical damage, and is also instrumental for strong cellular health.

How we look, how we feel, and how gracefully we age is greatly dependent upon the health of our skin.

Nourishing our cells and detoxifying our bodies can produce radiant skin, remove blemishes, reverse wrinkles, and slow the aging process.

Aging may be inevitable, but how fast we age is a choice.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Are make-up, masks, or other enhancing forms of cosmetics part of your routine skincare ritual? If so… ask yourself:

What is my motivation for wearing make-up?

What is my make-up concealing or hiding?

What am I trying to enhance?

Whatever your answers are to these questions, beauty-enhancing products are not the solution. Skin problems run deep, whether it’s acne in our teenage years, the signs of aging in our later years, or everything in between; these issues are merely symptoms and signs of greater problems, festering deep below the epidermis that must be treated.

Covering-up your symptoms with make-up doesn’t heal the underlying cause; it only exacerbates the problem, because not only does the issue (or issues) continue untreated, but also because most cosmetics clog your pores with toxic ingredients that damage the skin even further.

We believe true beauty begins with healthy cells.

Once the cells have been properly nourished and repaired at the cellular level, your glowing, beautiful, vibrant skin won’t need covering-up anymore. Your truly unadulterated beauty will shine!

The Dr. He Spa line:

  • Improves skin tones by supporting the cellular structure
  • Combats free radical damage with powerful antioxidant ingredients
  • Repairs DNA damage caused by radiation
  • Builds natural resistance against UVA and UVB sun damage
  • Promotes cellular regeneration by rebuilding collagen, elastin, and proteins
  • Stimulates cell-to-cell communication in the skin
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Balances skin tone
  • Helps fight and prevent acne

Our products feature only food and plant based living ingredients that repair and restore your skin to its natural glowing shine.

We’ve broken down the aging process by ten-year increments starting with or 20’s. Keep in mind the process of aging is unique to each person. Much like our personalities, looks, and mannerisms, and there are many factors that determine the speed at which we age.

These factors include the quality and quantity of water we drink, the toxic burden on our bodies, the quality and length of our sleep, our diet, our genetic predisposition, our breathing patterns, how much we exercise (or don’t), work-related or emotional stress, radiation exposure, free radicals, smoking, alcohol, and sun exposure.

In our 20’s:

Around the age of 25, the oxygen levels in our skin begin to depreciate by approximately 25%. Water retention decreases and the skin begins to lose its elasticity due to a slowdown in production of the protein elastin.

Interestingly, studies have shown that from our 20’s onward, the growth of our fingernails begins to slow; a sign of reduction in protein creating and cellular turnover.

In our 30’s:

In our 30’s, the visual cues of aging become more prominent with the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This is the response to a reduction in the biosynthesis of collagen, the main protein in skin. Subsequently, this leads to a progressive thinning of the skin, sub-dermal fat loss around the eyes and cheeks, and loss of tissue tension.

In our 40’s:

In our 40’s, the skin becomes more fragile, drier, thinner, and increasingly more susceptible to damage from free radicles and environmental toxins. The result is increased wrinkles, skin discolouration, freckles, spots, and uneven skin complexion.

In our 50’s:

In our 50’s, women experience an accelerated breakdown at the cellular level caused by menopause, which leads to a decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone. The visual signs of aging at this stage have the potential to be quite dramatic, resulting in more prominent and deeper wrinkles, a loss of firmness and sagging skin.

The good news is we have a solution!

Cellular health is complex, and everyone faces unique challenges from acne, skin cancers, to the signs of aging: dark spots, lines/wrinkles, blemishes, and so on.

Whether you are a client or just visiting our website, we are passionate about your health.

Feel free to ask our experts any skin related questions, and we’ll do our best to provide you with an answer within two to three business days.