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Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our ingredients have been carefully obtained and extracted or derived from a 100% plant-based (seeds, roots, leaves…etc) or food-based source. This ensures we obtain the the purest and finest available ingredients with the best known biochemical activity and highest proven bioavailability.

Since all our ingredients originate in some form or another from Mother Nature, there is absolutely no need for us to test any ingredients on animals. It’s important to highlight that none of our trusted partners test their ingredients on animals either. We believe in being a 100% cruelty-free-zone.

Most commercial products are made with synthetic ingredients, poor quality or contaminated oils and bases that unfortunately do clog the pores. The Dr. He Spa line penetrates the skin and will lubricate and nourish your pores rather than clog them.

The components of our creams and serums have been formulated for maximum penetration of the epidermis. However, many factors, unique to each person, affect the penetration of cosmetic product or ingredient, such as the thickness of the skin, the existing degree of hydration, the nature of the active ingredient, etc.

We use tocopheryl acetate, a natural skin-conditioning agent and antioxidant. Tocopheryl acetate is a fat-soluble vitamin that is isolated from 100% pure vegetable oils.

Natural tocopheryl acetate is considerably more stable against oxidation than other forms of tocopherol. Additionally, we have added natural seed extracts with exceptional anti-oxidant properties to our formula, guaranteeing the vitamin E remains bioactive.

This is a tough question to answer because the amounts and types of dangerous chemicals are so prolific. If we had to choose, we would always say parabens, which are potent chemical widely used as a cosmetic preservative. Methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparabenm and butylparaben are the most commonly used parabens. Less common parabens, but equally harmful, include isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, and benzylparaben.

Recent scientific studies have established an undeniable connection between paraben use and cancer because of their hormone-disrupting qualities mimic estrogen, which could disrupt your body’s endocrine system. They also have the ability to bio-accumulate in your body, making them even more dangerous.

The simple answer is we source from Nature. Most companies put the bottom line, profit, first, and the consumer, second. It takes a great deal of time and expense to cultivate, extract, naturally preserve, and ship natural ingredients. This route is not cost effective and lowers company profits. Our company always prioritizes you, the individual. That’s why we have chosen natural preservatives, such as vitamin E or citrus fruits because your health and well-being is our priority.

Every product is different, but in general shelf life of all our products is between two to three years. Please view the back of your product for a specific expiration date.

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