About Us

The genesis of the Dr. He Spa line dates back almost a decade when a renowned cancer researcher and physician embarked on a journey to find alternative, chemical-free brands of makeup for his patients.

What sparked this journey? He was concerned that the daily application of cosmetics – all of which contained harmful chemicals – were, at best, causing a further deterioration of his patients’ immune systems, or worse, causing cancer.

The goal became simple: find a 100% natural skincare line that would not only combat the biochemical reactions of aging, but also act as a natural anti-inflammatory. There was one other requirement: it had to naturally repair and protect skin against the damaging side effects of radiation. Little did he know the search would be futile – no such product existed yet.

His journey inspired our team of scientists and researchers to set sail – metaphorically speaking – across the globe, hunting for individual ingredients that were 100% plant and food based. To ensure the strictest quality control, all of our ingredients are sourced from trusted partners and manufactured in Health Canada approved facilities.

We are proud to boast that the Dr. He Spa line sets the standard against which all skin care products should be measured.